“Five years ago our son was diagnosed with transient tics. They would vary in frequency and move throughout his body.  After we started him with REPREEVE we witnessed a significant decrease in his tics. Everything became easier and more peaceful with him which made all of us happy and reassured.”

 Sarah, regarding her 10 year old son who has transient tics

“When I visited my sister in law in Boston, she noticed that my eyes are not wiggling at all.  We do not see one another often and it was a big change for her to see it in my eyes. I also feel confident in driving longer distances.  Recently, for some reason, I did not put the patches on for about five days and I definitely noticed some symptoms. I would have at least one real noticeable case of stuttering a day without the patches. And my right eye had a weird twitch. After putting patches on last night the twitch was gone immediately.  That is when I emailed you right away.  I guess there is a connection here with my eyes, the stuttering and the patches. They patches are doing a good thing.”

Robin, 54, who has congenital  Nystagmus and a stutter

“I’ve been battling migraines for most of my adult like. Repreeve is by far the most effective treatment I have experienced. For the first time ever, using the product stopped my migraine in its tracks.”
                                                                                                                                                                     Kathleen, 44, migraine sufferer 

“Sorry to take a while to get back.  I have to say this is really unexpected.  The difference between the days [he] wears the patches and the days he doesn’t is very noticeable.  I would estimate totally stuttering instances are down 50% on the days he wears them.  Moreover, the heavy blockages/jaw tightness/tics are almost completely gone.”
Allen regarding his son, 17,  who has a persistent stutter

“We put them on Saturday evening. We were thinking of taking a video of his eye movement prior, and then comparing it the next morning.  Unfortunately, we didn’t…. after the patches were applied we were amazed at the reduction in his eye movement, it appeared that they were motionless…..He wore them all day at school yesterday, and he said it was easier to see things.  He told his teacher, and then told her to look at his eyes…he said, she said “It’s a miracle”.”

Jonathan regarding his 9 year old son with congenital Nystagmus

“My son has developed a series of tics that are persistent and include vocal tics and lip biting.  We started using the patches about 3 months ago. His tics are nearly eliminated when he wears the patches.  On some days he chooses not to wear them. But on most days he asks for his patches.  I became convinced of the efficacy of the patches almost immediately.

Recently,  My wife was out of town on business and I forgot to put the patches on our son.  I got this note from his teacher.  ‘Oliver’s ticks – I never really noticed them before, but yesterday and today I have. It was an odd noise he was making with his mouth.  Other kids in reading group didn’t say anything.  It was noticeable, but not loud.’

The next day he wore the patches and I got this note from his teacher:     ‘Well today was much different–hardly any tics at all!’

I don’t pretend to believe that REPREEVE will cure everything and everyone.  I do know that as a dad, and as a scientist – REPREEVE offers an option for parents and kids that simply did not exist before.  And that feels right.”

Karl Morrison coFounder, Mater Technologies Inc  8 year old son with persistent complex tic

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